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Some people wear their heart on their sleeve.  I wear my soul on my skin.  I feel things deeply. I love life fully. Sometimes life is beyond wonderful and sometimes it hurts like heck.

I married my high school sweetheart 31 years ago & we’ve got four ridiculously cool kids, now ages 22 to 30.  Family means absolutely everything to me.

In the last five decades of this beautiful life, my soul has survived an intricate journey of loss, pain, shame, and  brokenness.

And somewhere along the way, my soul has found forgiveness, healing and restoration in it’s rightful home.  The heart of God.

I adore Jesus.  I mean really, truly, passionately, desperately love Jesus.  You wouldn’t always know it by my actions.  But I’m learning to allow my mistakes, my flaws and even my moral failings of the past to draw me closer to His heart.

I created The Jarvis House to be a safe place to rest, to heal, and to discover the true home for your soul.

A place to rest, and to breathe.  For me, and for you.



p.s. There are few things that energize me more than meeting new people, hearing their stories, and getting a glimpse of their passions in this life.  Drop me an email, or connect with me on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you.

Let's stay connected!

I promise to send some encouragement your way, and a bit of hope for the soul...

xo, jana




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